Prior to the event

Make sure that you have registered for your place. You can do this here: https://stephensoncoll.ac.uk/open-day-dec-2020.php

When you register you will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher!

Prepare in advance and make a list of questions of the things you need to find out so that you do not forget anything. Have a pen and paper handy to note down some answers

Some questions you might like to consider asking:

What content does the course cover? How much is workshop and how much is classroom based?
What sort of things do the students leaving your course go on to after?
Is any uniform or equipment needed?
Are there any bursaries or help with travel costs?
How will I be assessed…is it an exam or coursework?
How long are the courses? Can you move up to the next level after?
Is there anything I can be doing to prepare for my course?
Will I get some work experience?

If there is a certain occupation you have in mind e.g. midwife or carpenter, ask about the career route into it. Is it better to do a course or apprenticeship?
Remember your family can also join in and ask their questions; they might think of questions you forget.

Nothing beats being able to see the college and meet the tutors in person but you have the chance to visit from the comfort
of your own home, take your time and ask anything that might worry you. You can do this anonymously on the chat facility of the Live Q&A sessions if you want.

On the Day

You will be sent an email with the link to the event – keep an eye on your inbox for this. Don’t worry if you don’t
receive it or haven’t registered, there will be links to the event on our social media pages and website.

The event consists of presentations and question and answer sessions from all the different courses and apprenticeships as well as useful tips from student services.

Think about what you want to find out and who you want to ‘visit’.

Make yourself comfortable and sit as close as possible to your router to get a good Wi-Fi connection.

Start at the welcome page and look at the welcome video, virtual tour and highlights, they will give you a good
feel for the college.

Ask yourself can I see myself studying here? Is this the right place for me?

Look out for the competition to win a College Starter Pack!

Check the timings of the live question and answer sessions that will be running throughout the evening. Take
advantage of these as they give you the chance to ask what YOU need to know. It might help to make yourself a
timetable…there might be a few you would like to attend.

When you have asked all your questions and seen the different things on offer you are in a good position to make the right decision.


But also remember that this does not bind you to this decision; you can change your mind, but what it does do is secure a
destination for you in September 2021. You can still look at and apply for other things and you can apply for more than one course.

If you forget anything you can always ask later at courseenquiries@stephensoncoll.ac.uk 

We look forward to seeing you there!