Those of you that kept a keen eye on our social media profiles will know that we asked all those involved with Stephenson College to help get our brand recognised worldwide this Summer! 

As part of our Summer recruitment campaign we had one thousand brightly coloured Stephenson College beach balls produced which were handed to both staff and students to take with them on their travels during the Summer holidays! We were blown away with the response. 

In total we saw the beach balls impressively rack up over 10,500 combined miles with the furthest beach balls making it to the United States and Canada where they were shown off at famous landmarks such as Niagra Falls, The Statue of Liberty and Citi Fields, home of the world famous New York Mets baseball team.

We've seen plenty of beach balls reach scattered across Europe, so far they've been snapped in Aiya Napa, Marbella and Malaga with plenty more photos still coming in even though the new term has begun!

As delighted as we've been to receive photographs from across the globe we've had some real crackers from across the United Kingdom with our favourite being spotted at Centre Court - Wimbledon, unfortunately on the same Day Andy Murray crashed out of the famous tournament. 

If you still have any photos you would like to send over to us you can do so by emailing and we'll get them online as soon as possible.