We all know Carphone Warehouse, well it’s part of Dixons Carphone and their company’s vision is “to help everyone enjoy amazing technology. Every 3 months the Loughborough Call Centre hold a fundraiser for a cause that means a lot to them. Our deputy SENCO, Amy Clare, put a bid in for our wonderful pathway students to help them enjoy their time at the college and feel even more comfortable with their surroundings. With the bid becoming successful, Dixons Carphone then went on an admirable mission to get our students what they deserved!


As Dixons Carphone Loughborough has a lot of gamers in the call centre and are lucky enough to have game consoles in their office (to only be used on their break!), they could relate to the benefit of our students having access to the same technology as what they’re lucky to have as a company.


From the Autumn season through to December, the company have worked hard in delivering many activities such as Pyjama Day: where employees made a donation to come into work in their PJ’s, Team Quiz: where they would pay to enter and the winning quizzing team receives a hamper of goodies, Sweet sales, Bake sales, staff paid for their presents to be wrapped and the local Christmas Market set up in their offices for a pitch fee for our wonderful students.


As a result to Dixons Carphone’s hard work and efforts, they raised a whopping £630 in aid to help our student’s development. This has enabled them to purchase a brand new 49” television and PlayStation 4 with a few games!


Below are is a picture of Dixons Carphone's generous donation.