Ambitious Stephenson College IT student Ellis Paling has proudly become a self-published author after penning his first novel, Ty.

The sixteen-year-old’s gripping horror-mystery novel follows a father’s desperate journey to find his son after he was taken from the hospital where he lay in an unexplained coma.

The book has proved a hit with readers receiving a number of positive reviews both locally and online, such has been his early success, Newbridge High School has stocked several copies of the book in their library for students to enjoy.

Talking about the creative process and his future, Ellis said: “I've always enjoyed writing, I wrote my first book when I was fourteen and It has just grown from there, my literary inspiration is without a doubt Darren Shan, his work really inspired me to write horror.

“I would love to make a successful career out of writing novels, although I’m under no illusions that it’d be a very difficult task, that said I’m enthusiastic and I now know that the key to going places all lies in having a good network of people around you, I’m very thankful that I’m lucky to have that.

“I’m already well into writing the sequel to Ty which I’m looking to release early in 2018”.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Ellis’ novel, Ty, you can do so by visiting