At Stephenson College we have a long history of working with employers locally, regionally and nationally to develop strong relationships and help produce a large pool talented young people who are sent out into the world of work following their time with us here at Stephenson College. Some of the many companies that we currently work with include can be found here. To read testimonials from employers who have worked with Stephenson College please click here.


Looking to hire an apprentice? 

Have you thought about investing in an Apprentice? An Apprentice gives you the opportunity to train and shape a young person to your own high standards and instil your company ethos from an early age. As a successful employer you will probably have a succession plan; apprenticeships provide a great opportunity to support this.

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes available for anyone aged 16 years or over. They offer an excellent opportunity to train new employees whilst they study for a nationally recognised qualification.

At Stephenson College we are very proud of the excellent reputation we enjoy for providing quality training and professional support to the business community.

For further information on apprenticeships and the ins-and-outs of hiring an apprentice talk to our a member of our apprenticeship team on 01530 519 001.