Apprenticeship Standard Construction - Piling Attendant - Level 2

Jobholders in this role assist in driving, boring and forming piles in the ground in order to provide firm support for buildings and structures by attending to the requirements of the piling operation. The work includes supporting piling plant machine operatives and specialist piling operatives (Level 3) by performing a variety of manual and mechanically assisted tasks which will include; load and unload, handle and move materials, prepare, measure, mark and cut materials, monitoring and reporting progress. Guide and control the movement and operation of plant, machinery and vehicles. Prepare, check, control and maintain machinery and equipment in use. Recover, clean, and maintain equipment for reuse.

Multitrade Construction Certificate Level 1 - Full Time

The Level 1 certificate in Multitrade Construction Activities qualification has been developed for delivery in a training environment; this means that you do not need to be employed to study this qualification. It has been designed to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding so you can work as a Construction Operative in the construction industry or progress to further training. This level 1 Certificate will give you a solid foundation in Multi-trade Construction Activities and prepare you to take further qualifications to develop your skills, knowledge and understanding within Multi-trade Construction Activities. You should undertake this qualification if you have some previous experience (e.g Work placement, working with family, summer job etc.).

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