Carpentry and Joinery

A carpentry and joinery course at Stephenson College will see you undertake various practical tasks that will improve your basic carpentry and joinery skills. As part of the  course, you will participate in a number of Stephenson College in the Community projects that will not only see you continue to develop in the field of Carpentry and Joinery but also develop key teamwork and employability skills.


Apprenticeship Standard Construction - Advanced Carpentry and Joinery - Level 3

The occupation involves carrying out advanced skilled work, primarily using timber products, either on a construction site, or in a workshop, creating and installing building components. The advanced carpenter and joiner is able to undertake complex job tasks, requiring high levels of practical skills and knowledge, in addition to managing their own work and leading small teams. An Advanced Site Carpenter will normally work on a building site, or in domestic and commercial premises, preparing and installing complex and often bespoke building components e.g. high quality doors, shaped linings, staircases with turns, complex wall and floor units, erecting bespoke structural carpentry (inclined roofs and joists) and erecting complex roof structures (e.g. inclined roofs with hips, valleys and dormers).

Apprenticeship Standard Construction - Carpentry and Joinery Site - Level 2

The occupation involves carrying out skilled work, primarily using timber products, on a construction site. A Site Carpenter will normally work on a building site, or in domestic and commercial premises, preparing and fixing building components, from the initial erection of a new building, through to the installation of all necessary fixtures and fittings, as well as a range of repair and maintenance activities.

Apprenticeship Standard Furniture - Fitted Furniture Installer - Level 2

A Fitted Furniture Installer is responsible for preparing and installing furniture including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and offices, shops, exhibitions and boat interiors. This is onsite at the customer's commercial or domestic premises. Apprentices taking this route will experience a wide variety of projects and interface closely with customers. In order to ensure sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of the industry whilst maintaining the rigour of every single apprenticeship within it, Installers will need to undertake all mandatory and two of the optional requirements.

Carpentry & Joinery Diploma Level 1 - Full Time

The level 1 Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery is aimed at learners looking to progress into site carpentry. Most progress to level 2 before entering a job role in the industry. Carpentry and Joinery students will learn the basics of wood work fixtures and fittings. We will teach you the health and safety aspects of working in a workshop and on-site as well the proper preparation and maintenance of the tools you will use on a daily basis. You will learn to produce high quality work in a safe environment that encourages creativity.

Carpentry & Joinery Site Diploma Level 2 - Full Time

This course will advance your knowledge of carpentry practice whilst on site. Students will develop their woodwork skills as well as widen their knowledge of construction technology and tool maintenance. You will gain a general understanding of theory and develops the practical skills needed to work as a carpenter or joiner. This includes hanging doors, fixing architrave and skirting, constructing kitchen and bathroom units and setting out and fixing roofs.

Carpentry & Joinery Pathways