Animal Care

Our Animal Care courses are now hosted at our Brooksby Campus, so that students can take advantage of the fantastic facilities. We are offering free transport from the Stephenson Campus to the Brooksby Campus, for students who wish to do this course.

Take a look at the video for a virtual tour of our animal care centre.

If you’re passionate about animals and their welfare and would like to gain experience in working with them, studying an animal care course could be for you.

You will learn how to care for a varied range of different animals whilst gaining a strong understanding of their wellbeing.

What’s happening in the industry?

A recent study has shown that the animal care industry is worth £1 billion to the United Kingdom’s economy. There are 13,000 businesses including boarding kennels, catteries, trainers, groomers, animal welfare charities and zoos.

With 47% of the population having a pet at home there are plenty of employment opportunities out there in what is a very varied industry, although it must be noted that whilst there are jobs out there, it takes great commitment to succeed. 86% of animal care related businesses employ five people or less and over one-fifth of animal care employees begin their career through extensive voluntary work to begin with.


Animal Care Diploma Level 2 - Full Time

This course aims to provide an understanding of the practical and theoretical elements of animal health, welfare and care. Students will work with a range of species in order to gain and develop experience of working with different animals in various settings. The college uses an off-site centre to provide industry-relevant experience in working with small animals.

Animal Care Land Based Studies Diploma Level 1 - Full Time

This study programme will enable you to work with a wide range of animals and develop sound practical skills. The college uses an off-site centre to provide industry-relevant experience in working with small animals. Units of study in the programme will also provide you with underpinning knowledge of animal health, behaviour, food and care requirements. Employability skills will be embedded within your programme Most students would progress to the level 2 programme, depending on references

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