Apprenticeship Standard Agriculture - Forest Operative Level 2

Forestry is the art, science and practice of woodland establishment, maintenance and management, and timber harvesting. A forest operative will carry out the practical operations required to create, maintain and harvest forests and woodlands. You may carry out operations across the range, from planting to harvesting, or specialise in a particular part of the process. You’ll do challenging work outdoors and in all weathers. develop and understanding of the full range of forestry operations, and appreciate the relationship between environmental and social forestry.

Apprenticeship Standard Agriculture - Stockperson (beef, pigs, sheep, dairy) - Level 2

This apprenticeship follows a ‘core and options’ approach. The core covers the generic requirements for looking after animals competently and the sector options provide more specific needs for different livestock. One option will be taken in addition to the core skills to complete this apprenticeship, which provides a solid foundation for a range of progression opportunities within the industry. A stockperson will be responsible for their own work but will have close supervision. As animal welfare is a priority on farm, key to being a good stockperson is understanding your limits and knowing when to ask for help. Working with live animals presents a range of challenges to overcome and ensures no two days will be the same.

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