The Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan, MP, has issued a message for all HE students. You can read this message here.

I live local to the college. Can I pop in for help if needed?

No. The college is closed to all staff and students (with a few exceptions). All staff are working remotely. You will not be allowed access to college if you turn up at the gates.

Since the college is closed, does this mean I don’t have to submit work for marking?

No. All academic work should still be submitted via the Turnitin Portals. The academic penalties for missing deadlines are still in force. In most instances, modules were at the point where teaching had been completed and students were writing essays for submission.

Are staff still delivering lectures and Tutorial?

Yes, we are still following the block pattern and students are attending blocks ‘virtually’. Staff are delivering webinars and video lectures along with providing supporting documents and other resources to help students in the writing of their essays. At the start of your block, expect staff to be in touch with you.

Can I contact staff for assistance if needed?

Yes. In the first instance it is recommended that you go to Moodle before contacting staff as you may find the answers to your questions more quickly this way.

Can I submit drafts for review?

Yes, but please keep in mind that your draft should be limited to 500 words and that it may take longer than usual for staff to get back to you. Note; Only drafts submitted to Turnitin will be considered for review. Emailed drafts will not be considered.

Where can I find learning resources to help with my essay?

Teaching and learning materials are all fully available on Moodle including video lectures, ebooks, lecture notes, specifications and assignment briefs to name a few. This should be your first port of call when looking for answers to your questions.

What if I get locked out of my College account?

If you are locked out of your account it will automatically unlock after 30 minutes.

What happens with our grades if a unit can’t be completed due to staff sickness/absence?

The awarding bodies and Universities are identifying solutions to enable us to grade your work should we find ourselves in a position where the final essays can’t be submitted. In ALL cases it is vital that you have submitted at least a draft for review (via Turnitin). This may become the only evidence we have in which to determine a grade and all courses were at a stage where drafts were being submitted.

Will I still get my Higher National/Foundation Degree/Degree Qualification?

Yes! The college is working to obtain clear information about how qualifications will be awarded now that summative examinations will not go ahead in the summer term. We are working closely with the University of Derby, University of East Anglia, University of Bolton and Pearson Qualifications, and once the process for each qualification becomes clear, we will communicate with students to update them.

Will we still have a Graduation Ceremony?

Yes! Currently, we hope that the Graduation Ceremony for 2020 will go ahead on Thursday 12 November. The college will be in touch with you directly, later in the year, when arrangements have been finalised.

How do I apply to progress to the BEng/BSc/BA Top-Up?

If you are employed you should start the process of identifying your progression onto a degree apprenticeship from this point forward.

If you intend to start a full time degree, you must do this through UCAS, following a similar process if you applied for a Foundation Degree: https://www.ucas.com/explore/related/01d1372f-f231-83a4-a8dd-005b3d14b0d9

If you need support with your application, we’d be happy to help. Contact our Admissions team at services@stephensoncoll.ac.uk