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Here at Stephenson College we work closely with hundreds of local employers from across North West Leicestershire, South Derbyshire and elsewhere across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Working with these local employers we can offer a range of flexible apprenticeship programmes.

Apprenticeships available at Stephenson College


If you can relate well with children and offer enthusiasm and commitment, then a career in Early Years and Childcare would give you a sense of real satisfaction and achievement. With more nursery, childcare places and out-of-school clubs being made available each year, there's never been a better time to work in Early Years and Childcare.

If you have aspirations of being your own boss or perhaps managing a department, then this is the apprenticeship for you. An apprenticeship in Business Admin will prepare you for a career in roles such as marketing, human resources or management.

Are you technically minded and good with your hands? Would you like to develop a trade skill, giving you a satisfying and rewarding job? The construction industry is a major employer in this country and the demand for skilled workers is continuing to grow.

Do you have a questioning mind about the world around you or like to find creative solutions to challenging problems? If so a career in engineering could be for you. Do you like fixing and making things? What about electronic, electrical or mechanical applications? An apprenticeship in Engineering is just the start.

Customer care skills and creativity will take you a long way in this exciting and dynamic industry. Have you got a talent for making other people look and feel great? Do you want to work in a hair salon or health spa, a hotel or even on a cruise ship? Stephenson College has a number of great apprenticeship opportunities within the local area in this always popular industry.

Are you kind, considerate and compassionate? Helping people to cope with their lives is very gratifying and provides an invaluable service for them. Our objective is not only to equip you with skills and knowledge, but to give you the understanding and experience that you need to develop a worthwhile career in this field.

Do you dream of working with engines and are interested in cars or HGVs? Would you love a career as a motor mechanic or technician? An apprenticeship with Stephenson College would see you train in one of the best equipped workshops in the UK and be taught by experienced, qualified and friendly tutors who will help you achieve your goals, our extensive list of high quality employer partners offers you the best start in this exciting field of work.

Do you aspire to work within a classroom setting? If so our Supporting Teaching and Learning apprenticeship is perfect for you! This qualification will enable the candidate to develop the knowledge and skills needed when supporting teaching and learning in schools. It covers a wide range of areas including Children and Young People's Development, Supporting those with Special Educational needs and Communication and Professional Relationships.