Our Sustainability Strategy!

In April 2021, we launched our Sustainability and Regeneration Strategy, in which we outlined our commitment to working sustainably across all college activities. This includes targets for:

Sustainable Resourcing

Sustainable Environmental Practices

Sustainable Educational Practices

Sustainable Finances

Sustainable Business

We’ll be utilising this strategy to ensure that sustainability and regeneration are fully embedded into the culture of the college, underpinning all of our activities. We hope that this increased and continued focus on sustainability and regeneration will enable us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources of the future.

Click here to read the full strategy!


What We’ve Achieved So Far!

Fully digital Admissions Service – which means it’s now paperless and plastic-free!
Environmentally-friendly marketing materials and merchandise
An exciting Regenerative Agriculture Project has begun at our 850-acre Brooksby Campus
All of the cutlery in our canteens is in the process of being replaced with wooden, biodegradable cutlery
Biodegradable hot drinks cups (including the lids!)


Next Steps…

This section is coming soon – check back here soon to see what we’re currently working on!