Stephenson Studio School offers a new and unique way of learning for 14-16 year olds of all abilities, who often learn more efficiently by taking a more hands-on role.

Our school is located in Coalville, Leicestershire and is sponsored by Stephenson College. We operate more like a workplace than a school. By imitating working conditions, such as working hours, and offering learners work placements, we hope to ease the transition into employment for all our learners.

With great links with local industry and employers, Stephenson Studio School can offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications as well as work placements designed and delivered by local employers, providing young people with the skills and the confidence to form and achieve their dreams.

Step Into Programme

In the Spring of 2017 Stephenson Studio School launched the brand new 'Step Into' Programme. Step Into provides school leavers with the opportunity to Step into College, Step into Apprenticeships, Step into Work and Step into Success.

Step Into students will be enrolled within the school, where they will benefit from pastoral sessions, tutorials, academic mentoring and coaching sessions.

Students will have a base within the school to ensure they feel secure; building their confidence, employability skills and independent study skills. Students will benefit from; an average of two days per week of work experience, English and maths tutorials (where resits are needed) and an introduction to College life and technical study programmes.

Please click here to visit Stephenson Studio School's official website for further information including curriculum details, term dates and much more.