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Stephenson College in Coalville and Nottingham
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You can expect

Access to a high quality learning experience, including challenging and stimulating teaching – with access to IT resources, learning centres, and academic services.

The College to promote and support equality of opportunity and diversity, and to offer opportunities to embrace the College community.

To be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. And to experience a safe and secure environment, free from harassment, victimisation or discrimination of any kind.

A named tutor or person to support you through your studies; to meet with you regularly and maintain a log of all communication. The first contact should be within the first three weeks of your course of study.

A reasonable minimum number of contact hours stated in your course handbook and information on what constitutes 'Contact'.

Accessible and up to date lecture notes, support materials, module guides and assessment tasks available via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

A learning environment fit for purpose both in and out of lecturers, including social learning spaces, learning centre and catering facilities.

Support while on any College co-ordinated placement, with regular communication between all parties.

Acknowledge an email enquiry within three working days, with referrals or a substantial response within seven working days.

To be made aware of health and safety procedures within the environment in which you are studying.

For your attendance to be tracked at timetabled classes and to be contacted and supported should your attendance become a concern.

We expect you

To be engaged in your studies and attend all required sessions. To form a relationship with relevant staff, challenge opinions, contribute to class discussion.

To respect and embrace diversity. Engage with the College community.

To be considerate and respectful to fellow students, staff members and visitors. Abiding by the College code of conduct and policies relating to your behaviour both on and off campus.

To meet with your nominated person and take on board the guidance they offer. To make use of this time and ensure that you attend any scheduled meetings.

To take advantage of the contact hours and to engage in independent studies. For each hour of contact time, you should expect to complete at least three hours of self- directed study.

To actively seek the information online and take down your own notes.

To respect and act responsibly towards your fellow students, staff and the learning environment.

To make sure you abide by any placement rules as well as those set out by the College. To make sure the College is aware if any issues with the placement arise.

To be mindful of the response rate time and avoid leaving queries to the point where they become urgent.

To make sure you follow these at all times, for your own safety and that of everyone around you.

To alert us to any difficulties that may affect your attendance or impact upon your studies.